Do you want to update your image, but finding unsure where to start? Rather than first focusing on major items such as: shirts, sweaters or what style of the jean to buy. My advice as a personal stylist for men would be to start with re-equip your accessories.
Never underestimate the power of accessories as they can completely change the look of an outfit and make it go from 0 to 100 instantly, while not having to have a major impact on your wallet. If you get your accessories right, it can completely transform your attire – upgrading ‘ok’ to seriously voguish.

Classic Sunglasses

Aviators and Wayfarers are by far the most popular style of sunglasses for men. Over the years they have remained classics that never go out of fashion. Other styles that really suit men are metal sunglasses, clip on sunglasses, and round vintage. Styles are constantly updated according to the whole range of face shapes.


Of course, this is an accessory! And an important one. Almost every man owns a watch. Prefer to match watch strap to their belt, if it’s leather. Fabric or leather straps are more casual and metal straps should be gold or silver. A key color for 2019 is blue (mostly shades of navy) in watch faces and straps. Due to its smart-casual nature a blue watch not only goes with a smart suit but also works with casual weekends. Perfect, for a busy schedule when you don’t have the time to match watches with your attire.


A good belt does more than simply hold your trousers up; it also pulls your overall look together. On a simple outfit, belt can make a statement, and completely transmute the look. When choosing a belt go for a color that compliments the majority of your casual shoes.
Pro-tip: Shades matter! Picking the right shade of leather is important. You can buy a belt keeping in mind not to spend too much but make sure it looks rich.


Wallet is also just as important as any other accessory. It is one of the most overlooked accessory when it comes to accessories by men. Wallets are kind a big deal as we keep the most major stuff stuffed in there and it needs proper care and attention too. A classic bifold or trifold wallet and a front pocket wallet is something I would highly suggest anyone to have as having an alternative wallet such as the front pocket wallet will come in handy in situations  when you will need to wear a suit.

If you would like to update your wardrobe further and require a men’s personal stylist, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am based in Switzerland, but also offer online style consultant if you are unable to book a styling appointment with me.