Despite all the festive cheer and time with loved ones that come with the Christmas holiday season, it can also be a stressful time if you plan on buying gifts for everyone in your life. Choosing a gift for a boss or coworker who makes your 9 to 5 a lot more enjoyable, your extended family or devoted best friend, giving a gift is one of the most simple, yet meaningful, ways to say thank you.
Eliza Joanska is a well-known personal stylist who will tell you the best advice about how to pick up the perfect dress for someone special.

Analyze the Giftee Fashion Style

Giving the perfect clothing gift, you must first evaluate what your loved one already wears on a day-to-day basis. Does the person like casual wear or does your friend like to dress up when you go out for drinks? Chances are, there’ll be a pattern to the kinds of pieces that the person you intend to give the gift to wears on a regular basis – and this may be his or her personal fashion style. If you learn it inside out, you are more likely to find a dress gift that he or she will love.

Think About Colors, Prints, and Fabrics

Examine your loved one’s fashion style what colors, prints and fabrics the person likes to wear. For instance, do you regularly see the individual in flora’s or does the person like plain-looking clothing? You must also know that what with the individual’s skin complexion and hair color. Furthermore, finicky, over- complicated fabrics wouldn’t be flattering on a curvier woman, just like a fitted leather jacket looks too youthful on a middle-aged man. Choosing those pieces with the right colors, prints, and fabrics that will suit the recipient.

For Women

If you are choosing a dress for women, take a moment to really look at your loved one body shape. If she is a pear, hourglass, heart or apple, then she is likely to be curvier, so make sure you buy clothes that deflect attention away from any unflattering areas, and instead define the waist. With straight body types, the trick is to add curves through aggrandize shirts and bottoms.

For Men

For men, body shapes tend to veer towards triangular, inverted triangle, or rectangle. Ultimate structured jackets and tops with vertical stripes can be good bets. Men with a triangle shape often look best in slim-fit styles. Rectangular shape men can benefit from tops with horizontal stripes at the shoulders, or prints or details that give the impression of a more defined waist.

Get the correct size

The last thing to do is to make sure you buy the clothing piece(s) in the correct size. This saves the person the hassle of having to return the gift or exchange it for the true size. The easiest way to ensure that you buy the right size is to subtly ask the person in conversation, without making it obvious it’s for a gift.
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