It is completely possible to love your wardrobe. We get it! Letting go is hard. But to love your closet, first, we must clean our closet.  The closet cleans out procedure can feel challenging as it forces you to be honest with yourself.  We all carry a bit of attachment to certain items even if we are not wearing them.

“Being a personal stylist and fashion designer my purpose is always to make style feel easy and simple” Eliza Joanska

And that means we want to make cleaning out our closet easier too.  So here are Eliza’s Joanska super easy steps to assessing your current closet so that you can create a closet you love.

Work through your closet one item at a time and answer these questions.

  • Do you actually love it?
  • Does it fit properly?
  • Do you wear them?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • Is it suitable for your age, work, and/or lifestyle?
  • And most importantly, when you wear it does it make you feel great?

If you cannot answer these questions with “YES” then perhaps it’s time to let go of that item. Now don’t worry, we are not entirely militant about this kind of closet cleansing and our clients know I she has an understanding side and will break the rules for certain items.

 Few Lucky Assumptions

Anything that has sentimental value, a family heirloom, a wedding dress, a sweater from your grandma, you get the idea. But still, pull those items out and store them away from your closet.   From there you can take your wardrobe to a local donation center or resale shop. Bye!

Just Think

The more space you have in your wardrobe, the better it will feel when you open up your closet doors to get dressed in the morning.  Plus, more space means more room to add new items you LOVE.  Wearing pieces that you love will make you feel amazing. And when you feel amazing your confidence shines through your clothes and out into the world.   Think about the impression you can make if every day you were glowing, feeling great, and loving what you were wearing as an expression of you?  That’s some very powerful energetic law of attraction you are demonstrating for yourself… So what do you think?  Ready to change your life? Let’s start in the closet. Happy Closet Audit! Hire Eliza