When we talk about great style, knowing what kind of colors, stilettoes, and pieces you love and how they all fit together, and look good, is only part of the equation. The most important thing is having the confidence to actually wear those things.

Build confidence in yourself to be creative, express your personal style and have fun with fashion. But I think there can be a different way. I believe you can be into clothes and have fun and enjoy every fashion without getting sucked into that vortex of societal pressure. You can minimize your burden by hiring a personal stylist or fashion stylist.

Here are 5 styling moves that boost your confidence to the next level.

Stop waiting and dress your best right

This one is so important! Whether it’s losing weight, moving, graduating or something else: Your life is not on hold just because you haven’t achieved all of your goals yet! Don’t wait until some arbitrary point in the future to grab your style and dress exactly how you want to dress.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Not many things make you feel worse about life than walking around all night in a pair of heels that are just killing your feet. And on the other side, few things will give you the sense of being on top of the world like a pair of shoes you’re just really working. When wearing the right shoes you’re more confident and aren’t as worried about your appearance.

Don’t Deny Yourself as a Trend

The quickest way to lose confidence is to think you’re not the right type of person to pull off a trend. You distant yourself by thinking along those lines and make yourself believe that it takes a better type of woman to rock something so different and bold. We all know that where there is a will, there’s a way! Make your own experiment by choosing that makes you look trendy and confidant. For example, if you tend to choose a pretty feminine dress you wouldn’t go for leather pants or biker combination. If you want to wear leather, seek one of your feminine dresses with a leather jacket.

Research your style you may like

The great thing about research is there are so many options to help you. From Image consultant through magazines, search the web and window shop to find ideas you are comfortable with when it comes to your age, weight, height, etc.

Shop at a different store for a change in style

This might sound silly, but I can assure you it’s not. We get stuck in a procedure when it comes to our wardrobe purchases.  We are used to buying the same things from the same outlet. This makes it hard for change and you end up having a lot of the same styles in your closet. So, change it up a little.

If you would like to update your wardrobe further and needs improvement about style and self-confidence than Hire Eliza.