New Year, New You The first thing I want you to interpret right is the fact that styling is an art, therefore is a matter of creativity, fun and there are specific ways to make it work for you.

Personal Styles

We talked about different personal styles one can have and acquire according to the personality and likes, as well as about the different body types there are and how to dress them accordingly to look compatible if one wants to do so. Joanskastyle a professional personal stylist and wardrobe shopper sharing her thoughts when getting dressed.


 Personal style, which is a form of self-expression in which the personality, likes and behavior become well integrated to give birth to your personal interpretation of fashion. That is exactly the reason why certain pieces appeal to your eye and mind, why certain colors and silhouettes resonate more with your being and the reason why you dress the way you do it. In other words, you are what you wear; and this exactly the reason why we need to consider how are we feeling and viewing ourselves if we want to be effective with how we look. What we wear directly resonates with who we are and where we are heading in life. On the other hand, styling is the dimension in which you can master and dress your personal style.

Accept the Change

It is important that you get to know yourself first, and then the styling portion becomes way easier, which is the way it should be. Transitions and changes are perfectly fine, they are important part of life, but let’s always find our way back to discover your essence. No matter the season, but the reason. Dress yourself and look like a secure, oriented and stylish girl, young, middle age or mature woman. Figure out what can work best for you and discard what does not.

No matter the stage you are in, styling can be mastered. Every age group have the right to confront life with style. Because styling is the art, but you are the canvas! If you need help with any aspect of your style, wardrobe, and confidence then contact me for consultation