As a modern woman, we all want to look amazing, Right? Whether you work from home or you go to the office each day, looking your best should be your number one priority.  The issue is finding the time and the right clothes with so much going on in your life, you don’t always have time to really figure out what type of look fits your body type. Presenting a few reasons why a personal stylist can be exactly the right choice for you.

Don’t Have Time to Shop

The majority of my clients are working men and women and 70% of those working men and women are also parents. Just trying to get away for an hour or two in an attempt to find an outfit, is difficult or nearly impossible. One of my clients who needed to find a top and her biggest clasp was finding the time to break away from work and the kids. Later on, she hired me and as a stylist, this is what I do for you!

Understanding You

The top complaints from my clients are:  “I have no idea how to shop, what looks good on me, or what I need”. As a personal stylist, I’m not looking to change you, or make you into something you aren’t, I’m looking to understand you, your preferences, your lifestyle, your body type and build you a wardrobe that will fit with your life. Beyond that, a stylist can give you guidance on ideal silhouettes, colors, patterns, etc.

 Confidence Building

A personal stylist will help you in building up your confidence. They’ll talk and understand you, through pieces, looks, and why they’re important. A great stylist knows that it isn’t just about trends, but about a client’s needs, whatever they may be. A professional stylist will not only build a wardrobe for you, but also give you the tips and tricks you need to be able to wake up every morning, dress with confidence knowing that u look amazing. A good stylist will make u understand how to be self-sufficient in your own way.

 Saving Money

There is a misconception that hiring a personal stylist is for the elite, or not affordable, but that’s really not the case. Everyone has that ‘statement’ piece that they invested stacks of cash on, but have never worn it since the first event they bought it for. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or well-made it is, it’s doing nothing for you hanging in the back of your closet. A good stylist will help you in creating and organizing a wardrobe, you love and make things work. If you really evaluate you’ll find that investing in a personal stylist will actually save your money in the long run.

These are the reasons my clients willingly hire me, but there are plenty more. If you need help with any aspect of your style, wardrobe, and confidence then contact me for consultation.