In today’s world everybody is too busy and really have no time to shop for themselves to look comfortable plus stylish. Creating modern and simple look is not as difficult as people think. It’s just little tricky. We know that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Here are some great tips to look great and amazing effortlessly. Or hire a personal stylist who is both wardrobe shopper and image consultant for better advice.Hire me!

First: Check out your wardrobe, pull out every uncomfortable piece of clothing you own, bag it up, and stuff it somewhere. By getting out of your sight you can focus on the comfy clothes clearly, you actually want to wear.

Second: If you’re going to buy new clothes, stick to a couple stores and don’t even bother looking anywhere else. Most of your stuff is possibly from the same few places anyway.  Don’t waste time and precious energy running all over the mall. Choose three to five places that work for you and leave it at that.

Third: Stick to a neutral color palette so everything in your wardrobe goes together and making outfits is a breeze. This way, you can get dressed when you’re half-asleep and still look cute. Helpful!

Fourth: Make easy on, easy off your new fashion mantra. Screw buttons, hooks, and snaps. With all the great drawstring pants and shorts, trapeze dresses, bold prints, bright colors and stretchy fabrics on the market these days, you never have to. Add these as it really helps to look stunning.

Fifth: A simple shift dress is the easiest thing in the world. It’s appropriate for most work environments. It looks sleek and tailored without actually being restricting. It still looks good even if your weight is up or down a few pounds. Don’t afraid of trying polka dots, stripes, and graphic prints. You can add jewelry and accessories for bold and sassy look.

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