Let’s start knowing those things in life that make u feel bold, strong, confident and ready to take on the world. It could be people around you, friends, family and anyone who are there as constant support and guidance. And perhaps it can simply be the clothes that you wear. It’s great to know what works for you, and the clothes that make you look and feel good. But some people really don’t understand what’s suits their style and what their style is. In fact what is personal style? Being a personal stylist Eliza Joanska always said that true style is a combination of what classically complements your natural shape and coloring and enhances your best features.

How personal style enhances your style and New You

 As a fashion stylist, I’d like to touch on my belief that style is entirely and inherently individual and cannot be opposed by any trend. Clothes are quite literally, our second skin. How amazing is the feeling we wear portray exactly how we feel inside? That’s what a personal stylist wants to do and dig your style out and give your personality an appealing look.

The steps to creating your style identity can be fun, and a bit of an eye-opener! It’s my passion to bring this power of knowledge to your door. It sounds like a deep question, I know! I like to focus on the connections between style, identity and the behavior of fashion.

Steps and Questions to Creating Your Style Identity

  • How do you feel about the clothes currently in your wardrobe?
  • Whose style do you admire?
  • How do you feel when you’re shopping?

Think about the answers to these questions and dig out your new style and necessities. They’re also a great first step in determining whether it’s the right time to consider the service of a personal stylist to help you fully conceptualize your style goals and introduce you to a WOW wardrobe.

Which is where I come in!

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