A very old saying that u only get one chance to make a first impression, particularly in a new working environment. People naturally form opinions in the split second of meeting someone, so it is important to think about how you portray yourself. It is quite interesting how the way we dress can dictate the first impression that we give off. The clothes we wear are the first indicator to anyone that sees us as to our personality, and there are statistics to prove it.  55% of the judgments we make when meeting someone are down to their appearance and actions with tone of voice taking up 38%. Just 7% is influenced by spoken word. We do this completely subconsciously – making our clothing choices and appearance essential to creating a positive perception to the people you meet.  

While that may seem daunting, it gives you the opportunity to show off your personality by influencing each outfit you wear and the wardrobe that you have at your disposal. With Eliza Joanska Styling your first impression as a business owner or the leader of a personal brand can be nourish to befit your ideals. 

Why do I need a personal stylist to influence my first impression? 

If you are planning for a meeting with a client or attending an event, you will need to feel confident and professional when you get dressed in the morning. A personal stylist can provide you with the support right direction and guidance you need to make that perfect first impression to everyone you meet each day in your career and daily life. Eliza Joanska will work closely with you to find a style – one that appropriate your brand, business and your personality – that makes you feel self-assured, empowered and ready to breeze through the day’s activities through her personal styling session.

What’s involved in a wardrobe restyle and personal shopping day? 

  • Telephone consultation about your career styling needs 
  • A review of what is and isn’t working in your wardrobe to maximize the potential of each outfit
  • Outfit pairing and the creation of a shopping list
  • Shopping together at a shopping location of your choice

To discover more about Eliza Joanska Styling and the difference a personal stylist can make for your career and future, get in contact today!