Does Your Wardrobe Need a Summer Detox?

When I work with clients I ask them to tell me about the contents of their wardrobe. How many jackets do they have? What colours dominate? Do they have more trousers or dresses? The answer that nearly always comes back is…no idea!

The fact is we often wear only twenty percent of the clothes in our wardrobe regularly. We stick with the easy and familiar, so no wonder we don’t know what else we have!

If I ask them what style of dress suits them best, or cut of jacket that fits them perfectly, the answer would be the same. Most people don’t actually know the style, fit or colour that is just right for them. They often just follow trends without knowing if it enhances the rest of their wardrobe, or really looks good on them.

There are challenges in identifying your perfect style of course, so having a second pair of eyes to help men and women discover the contents of their wardrobe, can truly bring out the best in you and your image. It’s true what they say: two heads are better than one, and going through the contents of your wardrobe with someone can give you a very different perspective.

A malfunctioning wardrobe

Does this sound familiar? You wake up in the morning to go to work, meet friends or go on dates and you stand in front of your wardrobe all enthusiastic about what you’re going to wear. Then you open your wardrobe doors and stand there, staring at the mess. Shoes everywhere, tops mixed up with bottoms, everything crammed into too small a space and not enough hangers for every item. No wonder it can take us so long to get ready in the mornings. Your whole collection is stuffed inside, heavy and dishevelled. Nobody wants to go out looking less than their best.

Men and women lose so much time trying to decide what to wear, that it becomes a reflection of their day. And yet, we all know how effective and productive we feel for the rest of the day if our morning goes well. This starts with getting the contents of your wardrobe right.

Let’s take you through some of my tried and tested tips for getting ready for summer.

Preparing your perfect summer outfit

So, how do we start with being effective and productive? First of all, I recommend investing in a steam iron. No, I’m not joking! So many first impressions start with how you look. The difference in impression you give between a wrinkled suit or dress and a smooth outline is often overlooked.

Of equal importance is to understand what garments you have and what type of materials they’re made from. Usually summer is quite hot and your clothes need to be made of materials that will keep you cool. If you’re going for a casual sporty look, always choose cotton or very light materials, so your skin will breathe. A nice soft cotton top is one of my favourite go-tos in summer and the right cut can make a t-shirt look very elegant.

For men, the perfect shirt would be made from a chambray cotton. Choose a light colour that will go with the lightweight and soft feel and look you’re creating. For women, adopt a light style too, with cool linens and floating cotton dresses.


Mix and match what you already have

Understanding what clothes you have, what you wear for different occasions and what items go together is a crucial part of a wardrobe detox. Think about how you can mix and match your current items and try to create at least a couple of ready-to-go styles. You’ll be surprised at how many different outfits you can create from just a few items that complement each other. Get creative and see how productive the whole process can be!

Making sure that when you open your summer wardrobe it’s all matched and sorted, means you’ll never waste another moment staring at an overstuffed wardrobe bemoaning you have nothing to wear. Stick to a few classic styles, such as business occasions and meetings, evening dresses and suits, casual jackets and trousers, sporty and elegant outfits and a smart online working style.

And don’t forget your all-important accessories. Shoes, watches, cufflinks, ties, jewellery, summer scarves, hats, hair pins and bags. It matters to have these to really be able to mix and match your style. This is where you can get really creative by using a splash of colour that compliments what you’re wearing.

With all this in mind you can create a mood board of style that matches your personality, your occupation and your character. Do not forget that colours have a meaning and attract emotions in others and a sense of self in you. Colours can make or break an outfit!

With a slimmed down wardrobe you can easily see what to wear, and if you are missing something you can always buy a few new items that harmonise with your chosen style.

From my experience as a stylist, I know my clients will slim down what they own and then start to buy more clothes, thinking they don’t have enough.  I know that the clothes they buy at this stage are not often, if ever, worn. So, I advise to always think of the cost per wear of each piece of clothing you have. This is wise shopping. No matter if that shirt is cheap, really consider whether you are going to wear it and whether it actually fits with what you already have. Your classic, well made and more expensive items that you love will be worn more often than something you picked up because you thought you didn’t have enough to wear.

The knowledge I share comes from years of styling clients and from my education as fashion designer from Accademia Del Lusso in Milan. I have a passion for helping you make the right decisions to have the best wardrobe for any time of year. So, if you’re struggling with finding the right style for you, I would love to help. You can contact me at or book a session at