Fashion is my Passion

Fashion is my Passion

So, here we are – my very first blog as a fashion designer! It’s been quite the journey to get here following years of studying and dedicating myself to my craft, but all of the blood, sweat and tears have been so worth it.

 You see, all my life I’ve had a deep passion for fashion and beauty. I was inspired by my mum who was always very elegant and unique with her style. As a young girl I loved to play dress up and would raid her wardrobe and makeup bag and fantasise that I was going to the ball just like Cinderella!

 And so I guess it’s no surprise that my childhood fantasies have now become my adult reality.

 I see elegance as a form of expression, which celebrates women’s beauty, sensuality and femininity. And for me, exquisitely designed clothes that make you feel incredible, are the magic key that unlocks all of this.

 I believe fashion has a language of its own, and our individual style is the first impression that we leave with others, so it’s important to make it unique and unforgettable. Your style is a reflection of your personality and the perfect way to express your personal brand. People might forget the things you say, but they will never forget how you looked and what you wore.

 As a designer, my focus is on creating beautiful one-of-a-kind, made to measure pieces that make women look and feel like a billion dollars!

My design process

There are a number of different avenues I could have taken as a designer, but in my heart I’ve always known that bespoke made-to-measure is where my passion lies.

 I adore the drama and creative expression involved with designing stunning gala and ceremony dresses. And I love nothing more than working one-to-one with a client and really focusing on her individual needs, so that we get to the heart of who she is.

 I begin by really listening to her vision for how she wants to look and feel, and I’m always looking out for those special personality traits that make her unique, and can be expressed in the design that we create.

 I like the design process to feel like a collaboration where together we visualise the perfect design aesthetic: the silhouette, colour, type of fabric and the special details that make each dress a work of art.

 And then I bring that vision to life!

 From start to finish I create an experience for my clients that’s completely personalised and ensures ppl every woman gets exactly what they want. I draw on my years of experience as a personal and editorial stylist and image consultant, to ensure that every design is created in the perfect colour and shape to suit my client’s body type and hair, skin and eye colouring.

 You are a beautifully unique creation and you deserve a bespoke made-to-measure design that reflects this for all to see.

 Do you have a special event coming up that you’d love a one-of-a-kind dress for? Or perhaps you have a long held vision in your heart of a beautiful dress that you’ve always wanted to own? I would love to work with you to create something truly magnificent that has everyone’s heads turning and admiring you. Get in touch and let’s make that happen for you!