Closet Audits, Shopping, & Personal Styling

Your Closet

1. The Closet Detox

Closet Audit Process
  • Free first consultation via video conference.
  • Wardrobe review, identify process to qualify customer needs and challenges
  • Consultation at customer location or online via video conference
  • Analyse body shape, skin colour, face shape
  • Identify suitable styles and outfits from current wardrobe and suggest additional purchases keeping to available budget
  • Document all of the above at the end of the process with hints and tips hints for future purchases


2. 1on1 Shopping Day!

Shopping Trip Process

Free initial online consultation, followed by,
Face to face with a goal to:
Identify customer needs and challenges in terms of style or specific outfit you might be looking for ( qualification form sent out)
identify budget appropriate shops to suit style ( face to face or using video conference)
arrange suitable time to meet and shop with the goal to get some suitable outfits as the budget will allow
document all of the above at the end of the process with hints and tips hints for future purchases
analyzing customer body shape, colours, skin colour, face shape


Set Individau


3. Wardrobe & Styling Overhaul

Styling Process
  • Possible cooperation on a retainer basis for those who struggle with their style and need more frequent advice during year for events, business ,meetings, social events, presentation, business events
  • I will be able to help you discover a permanent style. ¬†Educate you for occasions, job situations to help your style to ¬†achieve better brand awareness to look and feel good
  • First consultation for free online via video conference
  • Business style and image consultancy workshop-improve your professional business image

Working closely with institutions: banks , law firms , insurance, sales teams, managers on a long term basis or workshops about business style and brand awareness through style and proper look

First consultation via video conference or phone for discussion


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Other Fashion

4. Fashion shows cooperation-styling

Working with designers in terms of styling the models due to the overall concept of the fashion show


5. Wedding planner partnership


Partnering with wedding planners to find the right style for their customers, ( Wedding party focus)

6. Commercial tv styling

Working closely with agencies for individual photoshoots or commercials with a goal of finding suitable outfits for models depend on the brief/concept

7. Promotion of new brand and shopping for new collections

photoshoot current collections, styling models based on concept of mood boards and advertisement, working closely with photographers and shops

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